Friday, January 12, 2007

Fire Spirit
Not to bring everybody down or anything... but today features Gun Club, one of my favorite bands ever. And really you have to have a significant level of suspension of disbelief to walk down this path. To me they brought the astonishing spirit of the particular early '80s Los Angeles refinement of punk to bear on traditional Mississippi Delta Blues and there found something that "looked just like an Elvis from hell" to quote one of the songs on their amazing record Fire of Love. Jeffrey Lee Pierce was the President of the LA Blondie Fan Club, as well as an irredeemable drunk and drug addict, and he followed a well-worn and clichéd rock 'n roll path that ends just where you would expect.

She's Like Heroin to Me

Fire Spirit (Live)


Elizabeth said...

Ha! I LOVE this. Thanks, Fb. xx.

And yes, the influence of punk on Mississippi Delta blues is something that must be heard to be believed.

amor fati said...

preach on...nuthin' beats jeffrey lee!