Friday, December 01, 2006

Way way back when, Paolo Nutini was SOD, but it was a long long time ago and most of you have forgotten how amazing he is, right? So anyway, I was on my way home from the Food Van last night listening to this song and it just floored me, and I had to had to had to play it for you today. An outrageously talented 19 year old from Paisley Scotland with a striking resemblance to Jennifer Beals, his Great-Grandfather came from Italy and opened up a fish and chips shop that his parents still run (slightly out of character, I'm not making that up.) He's got a melodramatic and lushly romantic sense that I normally would disdain (i.e. am a sucker for,) but somehow, it's tempered with enough raw desperation and a strange slightly reggae flair that in the end I just adore.

Still Crazy (Live at the Bedford)

Jenny Don't Be Hasty (Live)

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La Gringa said...

Scary. He DOES look like Jennifer Beals. Perhaps they can cast him to play Jennifer Beals hermaphroditic sibling on the L Word...

kara said...


Now I aint saying that Paolo isn't a outrageausly tallented and extremely sexy boy cos he his (even if he has just turned 20, which makes him a bit past it for me)but I feel that his mate there Jim, who is playing the drums and singing some fairly wicked harmonies sould be getting a big up from all. His singing on Last request really makes it.

OK so who is Jennifer Beals (I am french)

fb said...

Jennifer Beals is most famous as the star of Flashdance. She is currently in the TV show The L Word.

Thanks for stopping by all the way across the ocean!