Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Bad
I know you've all checked out my favorite songs and favorite albums of 2006. And I suspect that while you were there and ruminating on what a very fine job I had done, you got to thinking, as I did, "What about Josh Ritter?" Too too, too too true! It really was such a significant omission that it's been plaguing me for days now. Well consider it amended--at least to a degree--by my singling him out here. He's a very smart songwriter, gentle but not vague, with striking images and simple yet tense and gripping melodies.

Snow is Gone (Live in Dublin)

So besides my lists which can be found below, some others you should check out are: the great
Untitled, Circles of Concrete, I Am Fuel, The Punkguy, Can You See the Sunset, and Bows and Arrows. Then really interestingly, Bows and Arrows has Josh Ritter's top list.

Monster Ballads (Live)

His most highly recommended website:

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