Monday, December 18, 2006

Mistaken Identity
So I went to a real live show the other night! That may not seem like such a big deal to most of you... I knew that Pela was opening--they are from Brooklyn and I had heard such great things about them from Lost in Your Inbox. So I was very excited when the lights dimmed and the music started, but then the band was just... terrible. Really really lifeless and awful and completely disappointing. After about twenty five minutes, they sort of skulked offstage to the palest smattering of applause. And I spent the whole time thinking "How am I going to break this to Marcy?" Fortunately then after a very quick turnover, instead of Rainer Maria, Pela took the stage and absolutely burned the place up! (I don't know who the first band was.) Wildly energetic and with a surprisingly pop sensibility that reminded me greatly of seeing U2 on their very first tour (which I know makes me older than FiL.) How was Rainer Maria? Unfortunately I don't know, I had to leave in search of Triaminic just after they started, but BookStud says it was "so great!" So check by La Gringa to see if she goes into any more depth there.

Waiting On The Stairs

Waiting On The Stairs (Live)

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Andy said...

Pela is awesome. Glad you enjoyed them. Too bad about Rainer Maria. I'd like to know how they are live.

mjrc said...

i was getting scared while reading that, thinking, wow, how bad could they have been?? thank goodness they weren't who you thought they were! that's funny, tho. : )

hope you're feeling better!

fb said...

I was fine, it was my daughter who was up coughing. And she is now much better, thanks. From what I little I saw, RM paralleled their material, so that "Articficial Light" was a bit awkward and forced and "Life of Leisure" was tremendous.