Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Late, But As Promised
I had promised you Jonatha Brooke the other day, but I forgot. Here's what I love, she must be as old as I am. Is that so silly? But it was that she sounded so fresh, so new, so of the moment. I want to be of the moment! (But I digress...) Trying to step back and be objective, (though why be objective? You are here because you want me to be subjective right?) she is a wonderful songwriter, with a pure and clear voice and a great knack for subtly unexpected percussive sounds in the mix. Her new single comes out tomorrow on itunes and her new record will be out in January.

Less Than Love is Nothing

Linger (Live on Belgian TV)

Her website
Her MySpace

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mjrc said...

hey, even us old folks can still be fresh and of the moment!

i like her, too, and have for a long time. in fact, one of my all-time favorite songs is "so much mine" back from when she was with the story.

fb said...

I have heard much about The Story, but none of their music and would love to.

mjrc said...

ooh, i think i have that on a compilation disc. if i can find it, i'll search it out and send it over.