Thursday, December 07, 2006

Checking it Twice
My Favorite Songs of 2006

I love best of lists! They play right into my urge to obsessively dither about things. And this is my first opportunity to make one quasi-officially--as a blogger, a publisher, or at least a borrower of the press. In the end, I had to make it be the top 25 of 2006. It seems like a lot, but there's nobody on this list I could not mention and it would probably be easier to make a top 50.

1. The Kooks--She Moves in Her Own Way

2. Jamie T--If You've Got the Money
3. Bonde do Role--Melo Do Tabaco
4. Rainer Maria--Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
5. TV on the Radio--Dry Drunk Emperor
6. Lily Allen--Everything's Just Wonderful
7. The Fratellis--Henrietta (Dirty Version)
8. Husky Rescue--Diamonds in the Sky
9. Calhoun--These are the Dead Days
10. Sambassadeur--Kate
11. Gnarls Barkley--Crazy
12. Paolo Nutini--Jenny Don't be Hasty
13. Hem--He Came to Meet Me
14. Hello Saferide--The Quiz
16. Fionn Regan--Hunter's Map
Fibes, Oh Fibes--Can't Be So
18. Kate Havnevik--Unlike Me
19. Arctic Monkeys--Mardy Bum
Monkey Swallows the Universe--Sheffield Shanty
21. The Oohlas--Small Parts
22. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton--The Lottery
Scissor Sisters--She's My Man
24. The Feeling--Sewn
Destroyer--3000 Flowers

This is the best of the music I loved this year, with the exception of African music--which I listen to a fair bit, but don't feel like I know well enough to judge (go over to the excellent Benn Luxo Du Taccu.) There are four main groupings in all this: Great Brit-pop, Baile Funk (some love CSS, but I love Bondo Do Role much much more,) music from Brooklyn (TV on the Radio and Rainer Maria and Hem,) and the astounding variety and quirkiness of Scandinavian pop that ate American pop for breakfast.


Rachel said...

yeah for the Kooks! And TV on the Radio, Lily Allen!!!

This is a solid list indeed.

But man if I hear that Gnarles Barkley song one more time I think I may spontaneously combust.


fb said...

I know, I know... But in the end, I felt like it was just so hugely influential for the year and really fresh and new and old all at the same time that there was no way to leave it off the list.

I'm so glad you like it! I was totally afraid that you were not going to like anything!

FiL said...

Off of your fine list it's Sambassadeur that I'd pick if I had to choose just one track. I really love everything about it, from it's lowslung catchiness to the dreamy vocals.

Sigh, dip me in chocolate & throw me to the Swedes. Well, to Anna Persson at any rate...

fb said...

Aren't they astonishingly fantastic! They just give me a shiver everytime I hear their guitar intros.

mjrc said...

nice to see fibes, oh fibes getting some love. and of course, emily haines.

i'm starting to feel pressure to get my lists up!

fb said...

Fibes, Oh Fibes should be next years Gnarls Barkley.