Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Adjectives
One of my really favorite records of the year (as can be seen in my favorite records of the year post,) Emily Haines and Soft Skeleton have made a fierce and haunting and menacing suite of simple piano-centered songs that really really really wrench you and thrill you and make you want more. The lead singer of Metric and a pivotal figure in the Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene (and this project is really a supergroup as well with members of Metric, BSS, and Sparklehorse,) she has a deceptively light voice that just aches with yearning. Go buy this record!

Nothing and Nowhere

Detective Daughter (Live)

Her MySpace


mjrc said...

question--who in bss is a member of sparklehorse?

fb said...

Sorry for not saying that clearly. I meant that Scott Minor from Sparklehorse plays drums for EH & SS.

mjrc said...

oh that's ok. that's a cool connection, too, though. and who knows, given enough time, he could join forces with bss, too!