Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Take Me Out Tonight
On the way to work today I was reading in the paper about the Lord of the Rings Online game that my brother in law is designing (you can see pictures of it here.) It sounds like it is poised to be a huge hit, but anyway it started me thinking what would be the perfect soundtrack for racing around figuring out fiendishly difficult puzzles and killing orcs and hobbits and saurons, and it might seem that the obvious choice would be bands like Clutch or Jethro Tull, but then, as though it were a rainy day and I was trying to figure out whether to go happy or sad, I thought of Loquat. Loquat are a band from San Francisco that has been deeply depressed since the Smiths broke up. They are certainly shoe or navel gazers and I'm sure would like to spend a lot of time playing video games as they appear to be utterly indifferent to success or even being at all productive. Quite in a way lovely if you like this kind of thing though.

Half-Assed Mechanic

Swing Set Chain

Their website

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