Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Crazy Than Crazy
Alternately a crazy punk band and crazy Eastern European crooners, DeVotchKa broke through this fall with the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine (that is unless you caught them on tour with avant-burlesque star (as featured on ANTM,) Dita Von Teese.) Packed with the traditional punk rock instruments like bouzouki, cello, and sousaphone, this Denver based four-piece is adorably eclectic, though I am sure to some ears they are annoyingly annoying.

As a caveat, they are not actually the same band as The Devotchkas, which I had assumed they were when I wrote the above. So in light of that information, for "crazy punk band," substitute "pretentious academic poseurs" and for "punk rock," "quirky avant-garde ensemble" and then it still makes sense.

Viens Avec Moi

How it Ends (Live)

Their MySpace

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