Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keep Breathing
Head on over to Untitled to hear a great track by Alexi Murdoch. Untitled is another blog--like Lost in Your Inbox and La Gringa--that you should be visiting regularly. So "Breathe" reminded me greatly of this by the incomparable Garbage.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing (Live)

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La Gringa said...

Why, La Gringa & Book Stud thank you for the props, kind sir!

You all should also be checking out my pals over at Indie Folk Forever. IFF just sent me a fabulous Corinna Repp CD!!! I'd never heard of her before that, but she's wonderful. Go! Play!

Rachel said...

Thanks so much I know I am late but I just came across this.

Nice Garbage selection by the way. :)