Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Artist Formerly Known As Jane Siberry
Jane Siberry has sold her house and all her posessions except for one guitar and is now known as Issa. She also only sells downloads through her website (on the honor system) so that there are no CDs or packaging waste. Definitely an acquired taste, she's sometmes extraordinarily pretentious, other times lush and obtuse, occasionally chilly, and here and there confessional. I don't know that I'm quite up to conveying exactly why I like her music so much, since she does make such odd and "difficult music" (to quote another of my idols.) But give it a try, and try watching the video through to when she sings--it's worth it!

Love is Everything (Harmony Version)

Tootie Concerto (Live)

Her new MySpace
Her old MySpace
Buy songs at her website

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mjrc said...

i swear i did not see your post until after i wrote mine (for tomorrow). we are on the same wave length lately.