Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rainy Day Again...
Don't know if I'm playing into it or against it with this. Rachael Yamagata comes out of Chicago with a fierce and raging voice and a firm hand on the piano. I've always found Tori Amos unlistenable and Fiona Apple listenable, though verging on self-parody, many of those self-absorbed and earnest qualities work for me here and I couldn't say why (though the complete lack of hype probably does help--quick show of hands--how many of you besides Liz and Meg and Thom have heard of her?) This is a cover of a classic Joni Mitchell tune that is quite striking.


She has a very good website--one of the best I've seen--with a bunch of b-sides and live tracks
Her MySpace
Videos at YouTube

"Worn Me Down" Music Video

Buy Rachael Yamagata at Amazon

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