Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh so retro! but it sounds so good...

Pop Levi grew up in a musical family in Liverpool and channeling Marc Bolan, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page (among others) makes a just outrageously huge sound for one person. He was in the experimental trio Super Numeri and then played bass for the great Ladytron (who was the second SOD ever.)

Mournin' Song

He is playing at Rebel on October 11th.

He has a MySpace, but only one song seems to play on it.
There are some videos on YouTube.

Also in other shows to see, Sara Holtzschue is playing Oct. 7th at Night and Day in Park Slope

And Debbie Deane is playing Oct. 12th at the Tea Lounge on Union St. in Park Slope

Both are super-fabulous!

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