Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm so annoying sometimes...
There's a new
Contrast Podcast. It's quite interesting, but I seem to have caused Tim a fair bit of consternation. For your amusement, here's the correspondence:

Dear Tim:
Here is a somewhat odd submission for the CP. This is so fun! Thanks! Best regards, Fraser

Hi Fraser,
Hmm .. so how do I put links up for this on the blog? Where did it come from? Tim

Dear Tim:
That's the thing, I have no idea where it came from or who it is. The details as I sent it to you are all I have. So to my mind, it is "Audio Track 01" by "No Artist." Best regards, Fraser

Hmm. That worries me because I’m not sure it fits in with the theme .. it should be a song by a band you hate but if you don’t know who the band is how can you hate them? Tim

Dear Tim:
Exactly! That is my existential dilemma! I hate this band because I love this song, but I don't know who they are and so I can't go and buy their record, so I hate them... But then I guess that raises your point that if I did hear more of their music then it might turn out that I liked their music, then I wouldn't hate them anymore and then it would be a band that I liked and just one more good song. But on the other hand, what if I did hate all of the rest of their music (which I feel like I'm likely to do at this point) then it would be exactly what your concept called for. Though then again, there's always the vague possibility that they actually are a band called "No Artist" and this is in fact, a song called "Audio Track 01." In which case again I would hate them just for being so darn pretentious and it would fit the spirit of the podcast perfectly. Got it? Fraser

Um .. yes I see your thinking .. I’m just worried because the links to the bands sites are quite an important part of the podcast for me .. it’s hard not to have one there! Where did the track come from? Tim

Dear Tim:
You do? Wow! I had confused myself... It seemed to me that one day the song appeared unbegotten on my IPod. Maybe one of your fine listeners will be able to provide the provenance. Best regards, Fraser

Hmm. Okay. I bet someone says what it is right away .. and it’s probably someone famous that we should both know … this could be embarrassing!

Dear Tim:
You're a good sport! I promise I won't cause this much trouble in the future! Best, Fraser OK! :)


ZB said...

Hello Fraser,
I'm glad to put a name on the "unknown artist" : his name is Jason McNiff.

FiL said...

All hail the investigative prowess of Ikhtonia's intelligence services!!

fb said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! Now I have to just say... who? Which I think probably allays some of Tim's concerns. And so I feel somewhat justified at the moment not knowing who that is so that I don't in fact like any of his other music, so it wasn't cheating per se.
Sort of...
But anyway mostly thanks!

ZB said...

Oh ! I'm so sorry and confused. That's my mother - she said to me : "you know the name ! this guy needs the name ! maybe a matter of life... you must give him the name so he could have a good sleep tonight ! if you didn't,
I 'll do in the morning and tell everyone you had that Barry Manilow's thing on single ! (see Fil's post about CP30)".
Taking such a risk was beyond my own means : so I gave the name !

Tim Young said...

... and I thought the debate would be all about The Smashing Pumpkins and Jenny Lewis being on the list :)

fb said...

So I figured out where I came across Jason McNiff--the excellent songs:illinois

Rachel said...

... and I thought the debate would be all about The Smashing Pumpkins and Jenny Lewis being on the list.

That's why I had front row seats...I think I have been had! Bastards!
(not anyone here or there I am just saying)

There is really no reason for debate...Both have their own views, there is no right or wrong.

Now who wants to join Richard and I on the Sufjan free island? Come on you know you want to...

mjrc said...

poor tim, he's just itchin' to get someone to stick up for jenny lewis, but no one will! (i kid, i kid mr. tim)