Friday, October 13, 2006

Every Laptop in Park Slope Was There
Let me tell you about my evening. First all props to Brenda who generously offered to drive the Food Van back to the parking lot so that I could go catch the end of Debbie Deane's show in Brooklyn. Unfortunately then I proceeded happily to Brooklyn with the keys in my pocket, leaving Brenda in the unmovable van double-parked on 33rd St. with a dying cell phone. So double all props to Brenda and to our hero Juan, who swooped down from the Bronx to the rescue. Now I wish I could say that that was the first time I walked off with the key, but it is in fact the second and I certainly hope the last... So today's song goes out in the spirit of extreme contrition to Brenda and Juan.

Debbie's show was just fabulous. She has an amazing voice and live she is wonderfully warm and charming and brave. Her encore "Poseidon" from her new album, was gorgeous--shivery and delicious (or as BookStud would say "new Batman-underwear good"--it's a long story.) I missed much of the new material at the beginning of the first set, but the band jammed through a couple of rousing covers, like a fierce "Meet Me in the Morning," and several songs off Hit the Rewind.

Piece of Your Heart

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