Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chocolates and Waffles
I'm partly just amazed that BookStud at La Gringa has not posted Sarah Bettens yet, nor is she even listed in La Gringa's link list of fabulous musicians, because she is certainly fantastic with an amazing voice and a very appealing sound (so appealing that Karen--whose taste is usually extremely different--was the one who introduced her to me.) Formerly in the very popular Belgian band K's Choice (named after Kafka's Josef K) with her brother Gert, she has now struck out as a solo artist and is currently touring the west coast as part of the Yellow Umbrella Tour to raise funds for cervical cancer research.

Come Over Here

Her MySpace has three other songs.
Her website has some videos.
YouTube has a bunch of live videos.
K's Choice at MySpace.
K's Choice website has videos too.

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