Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You all are a hard group to impress. Try this one, Tigarah is Japanese and while in Brazil fell in love with Baile Funk (remember Bondo do Role from last month?) Now with Mr. D, a Brazilian Producer, she records in L.A. While her lyrics are in Japanese, in translation they have a lovable charm:

"she is the most popular model in those magazines
all the young people wanna be like her
once she walks on the street
everybody who passes by, looks at her
after the photo shooting in the studio
she chills out in a hip place
and goes to the vip party
and get some cute boy easily"
From "Roppongi Dori"

Like much Baile Funk, most of her songs have been multiply remixed. This track by Chernobyl, a Brazilian producer. Check out his remixes of Bondo do Role and M.I.A. at his MySpace.

Fake Out Rio (Chernobyl Remix)

Tigarah has four songs at her MySpace.

[So as a note about how excellent fluxblog is, when I was poking around after I put up this post, I saw that Matthew posted on her in July.]

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