Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some of my friends
Though their links are hanging out there on the right, I wanted to encourage you to go check out some friends of mine and their fabulous music.
First up Debbie Deane. Debbie is a way way great singer/songwriter and just a super great person. In many ways she is a jazz musician (renowned jazz saxophonist Josh Redman plays on her record,) but to my mind, she is much more in the pop/folk tradition of Carole King or Joni Mitchell. Go check out her website or MySpace.

Debbie will have a new record out in February! Yay!

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Next, Sara Holtzschue is a jazz singer and songwriter par excellence. A classically trained singer, pianist, and flautist with just an amazing voice, Sara is playing at Night and Day in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 7th. I am certainly going to try to be there.

Finally, Bob VanPelt (who was SOD recently,) decided that not only would he start teaching at the school featured in "Blackboard Jungle," but that he would also join another band The Exotic Profiles (makes me think of Richard Hell.)

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