Monday, September 18, 2006

Long Island, 1976
It's break out the vinyl week! This is a hugely wonderful live version of "Panic in Detroit" from a bootleg of a David Bowie show at Nassau Coliseum in 1976. Having spent the previous six or seven years in a cocaine-fueled creative frenzy where he produced records that still sound astounding, Bowie was about to retreat to a sober ascetic life in Berlin. "Panic in Detroit" is a lesser-known tune from Aladdin Sane that was inspired by long-time Bowie collaborator, Iggy Pop's experience of the 1960s riots in his hometown. To me in high school, David Bowie was just the right blend of scary cool I longed to be associated with--mysterious, ambisexual, a bit obscure. The string of Hunky Dory through Station to Station was so remarkable and then pfft...

Panic in Detroit

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