Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

People apparently dressed like this in the sixties even when they were singing about sadomasochism and drugs. The Velvet Underground were an astoundingly influential band, though I suspect few people can name more than four of their songs. (Quick! Try it!) Lou Reed and John Cale gradually gathered Moe Tucker (a pioneer female drummer) and Stirling Morrison, then Andy Warhol convinced them to let Nico sing four songs on the "Banana" album. Almost universally considered one of the best records ever, it was, of course, a commercial failure at the time. Here is a live version of "Venus in Furs" that is shockingly good. Sophisticated and experimental, yet DIY, atonal and melodious, and above all scary and threatening. What more do you want in a song?

Venus in Furs (Live)

There are some great videos of VU on YouTube.

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