Thursday, September 21, 2006

Giving Canada back to England
The cleverest songwriter. Is there a category for that? Declan Patrick MacManus, born to Irish parents in London, renamed himself after Elvis Presley and Lew Costello in the era when he was backed by the band that later became Huey Lewis and the News (seriously...) One of the truly unique voices, literally and figuratively, he has written punk songs, ballads, country, pop, tin pan alley, all seemingly effortlessly and brilliantly. "Lipstick Vogue" is from a bootleg I bought on Bleeker St. a zillion years ago. I think it is from the same show in Canada that was later released as Live at the El Macambo.

Lipstick Vogue

Elvis Costello has a MySpace! With four songs you've very likely never heard!

There are 278 videos including a lot of live performances at YouTube.

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